Membership Agreement

As a member of the NSPA your organisation can expect

  • To be part of a growing alliance acting to reduce suicide, improve support for those bereaved by suicide and making a measurable difference.
  • Regular communications about the NSPA’s work and members’ activities
  • Access to information, reports, good practice and guidance
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other members
  • Your name, logo, areas of work and priorities in suicide prevention to be displayed on the NSPA website
  • Your logo to be in our annual report
  • One vote at the annual members’ meeting and the right to elect members of the steering group

As a member of the NSPA your organisation agrees to

  • Support and promote the aims of the NSPA as set out in the NSPA Declaration
  • Nominate one person who has the authority to represent it and vote at the members’ meeting
  • Inform us of current priorities and challenges which we will share publicly via the NSPA website
  • Report on progress at least once a year
  • Share information, contacts, intelligence and good practice within your own organisation, with the NSPA and with other members
  • Attend NSPA events
  • Look for opportunities to collaborate with other members – learning from each other, building on what works well and pooling resources
  • Promote your membership of the NSPA (adhering to the guidelines about using the NSPA’s name and logo) and encourage others in your networks to join
  • Contribute resources to the NSPA’s work if it can – either a financial donation or support in-kind
  • Be respectful of the balance between promoting relevant products and services with other NSPA members and the inappropriate use of member communication channels.