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It’s been a busy year for the NSPA working to bring members together to connect and share learning. As well as delivering our core membership and lived experience offer, we’ve also been working to expand our programme and influence.

Some highlights from 2023/24

• Setting up and piloting lived experience communities of practice, facilitating 54 people to come together to connect, learn from and gain support from others using their lived experience in suicide prevention. You can read more about the communities of practice here. This project was as a direct result of a member contribution.
• Recruiting and training more Lived Experience Influencers. 38 people with lived experience of suicide now work with us and are supported to bring their insights and perspectives to vital suicide prevention work. Our Influencers have responded to more than 70 new opportunities. Ranging from advisory roles in research and on project steering groups, speaking opportunities, as well as influencing local policy and grant funding.
• Working to help secure and shape the new national strategy published in September 2023, feeding regular insights from lived experience into national policy makers and being an active member of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group.
• Hosting webinars and online discussions, with topics including the new suicide prevention strategy, campaigning, autism and working with people with lived experience, providing space for you to connect, share challenges and take away new ideas.

We have grown significantly

Did you know our membership has quadrupled since 2020? We now have over 2,000 organisations and individuals in our membership and more than 450 people involved in our Lived Experience Network. And the team that support this large network of members and people with lived experience is currently only 3.2 full time staff!

We know times are challenging right now for many of us and we work hard to ensure the work we do adds value and supports each and every member and person with lived experience in their work in suicide prevention.

Support our work for 2024/25

As well as continuing to deliver our core work programme, in the coming year we will also:

• Do more to ensure that the NSPA is listening to and representing the insights and perspectives of its members and lived experience network. We want to introduce more ways for you to share the challenges you’re seeing in suicide prevention and work with you to increase our collective influence nationally, regionally and locally.
• Make our membership and networks more diverse and inclusive. This is a priority for the next 12 months and we are working with our Steering Group to put in place an EDI strategy and work plan. We want to do more to collaborate with and support community and grassroots organisations already working with marginalised communities.

To support us in this work we are asking you to consider making a voluntary financial member contribution this year.

We know that the funding landscape is more challenging than ever, for all of us. At the NSPA we have worked to ensure we have diverse income streams to ensure our long-term sustainability. Member contributions are one such income stream. We do appreciate that not all our members will be able to make a financial contribution, however if you are able to consider this, every donation does make a difference.
Your support of and engagement with our work is what we value most but for anyone that can offer support, we would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for all the work that you do in suicide prevention. Together, we can make a difference.

Making a contribution

As a guide, on average smaller organisations contribute £100-£500, medium size organisations contribute £500-£2,000 and larger charities contribute over £2,000 a year.

There are three ways to make a contribution:

1. Making a donation without an invoice
Make a payment by card via our website here

2. Making a donation without an invoice
Make a payment via BACs transfer directly:

Account name: Samaritans National Suicide Prevent
Sort code: 30-97-73

Account number: 44585268
Bank name: Lloyds

Please ensure you provide a reference to ensure we can track the payment. We request you use the reference NSPAMemDon/your organisation
If needed you can download and populate this pro-forma invoice for your records. Sending us a copy will also help us track your donation. Please note that this is not a formal invoice.

3. Making a donation where an invoice is needed before making payment
If you will need a formal invoice in order to make a contribution we will need to set you up on our system to do so. Please contact us to let us know the amount you wish to contribute and the details you will need including on the invoice.