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Derbyshire County Council – Dr Sohrab Panday

Sohrab Panday is a General Practitioner at Clay Cross Medical Centre, Derbyshire and Clinical Lead, Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group. He is an experienced General Practitioner with a passion for mental health and suicide prevention. He believes all NHS Staff should be routinely trained in suicide prevention and that a culture change towards compassion for ourselves, our colleagues and patients is vital to achieve this aim.

Sohrab worked in a large city practice in Peterborough for 22 years and in 2010 began clinical commissioning and chaired the Cambridgeshire Suicide Prevention Group. In 2013 he relocated to Derbyshire where he was able to continue both clinical and commissioning roles in Mental Health for Derby and Derbyshire CCG. He was Clinical Lead for the East Midlands Clinical Network (NHS England) from 2014-18, improving the physical health of people with serious mental illness via networking and sharing best practice.

Like so many of his GP colleagues, Sohrab has seen and even experienced the trauma that inevitably follows the suicides of patients, friends and colleagues. He is also acutely aware of the lack of training and support available to primary care staff in suicide prevention. In Cambridgeshire he commissioned the Third Sector to implement a successful awareness campaign which went on to win the Mental Health Voluntary Sector Awards in 2015. In Derbyshire he is currently leading a group of GP Suicide Prevention Trainers who are commissioned via the Suicide Prevention Forum led by Derbyshire County Council. Their aim is to systematically train the entire clinical and nonclinical primary care workforce in Derbyshire; they have trained over 500 staff to date using their practice based, face to face, peer to peer approach (Finalist HSJ Award for Primary Care Innovation December 2018).