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Webinar, 21st May: Improving outcomes in patients who self-harm

An NSPA members webinar, taking place on Tuesday 21st May, 12pm – 1.30pm. Details on the webinar and how to book are below.

About the webinar:

Improving outcomes in patients who self-harm: Adapting and evaluating a brief psychological intervention in Emergency Departments for young people and adults (ASSURED & SASH Studies)

Self-harm and suicidal ideation are increasingly presenting to Emergency Departments (ED) in the UK and are considered key risk factors for suicide. While many people need further support, there is often limited capacity and access to resources and treatment in the ED.  ASSURED and SASH are randomised controlled trials conducted in EDs for young people (SASH) and adults (ASSURED) who present with self-harm and/or suicidal thoughts. The aim of these studies is to assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a rapid, solution-focused intervention that is delivered as follow-up care by mental health practitioners in liaison psychiatry teams, compared to Treatment as Usual. This presentation aims to discuss the progress of the two studies so far and practitioner perspectives from each study.

This webinar is for NSPA members who are either:

– Academics in the wider field (psychology, social work, nursing, psychiatry etc.)

– Mental health practitioners and other practitioners

– People with lived experience

Presenters: Prof Rose McCabe, Professor of Clinical Communication at City, University of London and Chief Investigator for the ASSURED and SASH Studies; Dr Alexandra E. Bakou, Trial Manager for the ASSURED Study; Ms Maria Long, Trial Manager for the SASH Study; Ms Aamena Akubat, Psychiatric Liaison Practitioner with ASSURED/SASH.

You can book your place, free of charge, via Eventbrite.