NSPA Lived Experience Influencers

NSPA’s Lived Experience Network is striving to ensure that suicide prevention activity across the country is underpinned by the voices of people with lived experience, and that knowledge of those with lived experience is valued, respected and seen as legitimate.
As part of this, we are working with a group of Lived Experience Influencers, who are provided with training and regular support to draw on their lived experience in influencing roles and opportunities.

Who can be a Lived Experience Influencer?

Our Lived Experience Influencers are all over 18, reside in England, and have lived experience(s) related to suicide. By ‘lived experience’, we mean personal experience of one or more of the following:

  • Living with suicidal thoughts
  • Experience of attempting suicide
  • Being bereaved by suicide
  • Supporting or caring for a loved one with experience of suicidality

If you are interested in working with some of our Lived Experience Influencers to support your work, please contact us on livedexperience@nspa.org.uk.

Please note, we are not recruiting any new Lived Experience Influencers at the moment. If you are interested in the role in the future, then you can email livedexperience@nspa.org.uk to request to receive updates about when we are next recruiting.