Association of Independent Celebrants

The Association of Independent Celebrants Ltd (AOIC) is a vibrant and forward-thinking trade association for professional celebrants across the UK. Our members create and conduct funerals, weddings, naming ceremonies, and a range of other bespoke ceremonies.

Our objective is to provide members with the support and resources they need in order to create truly special ceremonies for every one of their clients. All members are signed up to our Code of Conduct, ensuring they deliver a professional and high-quality service.

We offer continuous support, CPD, insurance and a wide range of other membership benefits, and act as the voice of the celebrant in this rapidly growing profession.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

The AOIC offers a dedicated Suicide Safeguarding Support service to members, available any time they have concerns about a person’s mental wellbeing and believe them to be at increased risk of suicide. This is especially relevant for funeral celebrants when working with the family and friends of someone who has taken their own life, as we know that this places them at increased risk of suicide themselves. However, it may also be relevant in a range of other situations. We work with Suicide Bereavement UK to deliver this service and keep our members informed of how they can best support people bereaved by or affected by suicide.

What are your current priorities?

Providing the best possible support within our boundaries to people who we work with who are bereaved by suicide or at increased risk of suicide.

What challenges are you currently facing?

Ensuring as many members as possible are able to identify those at risk and make use of our safeguarding support service.