Be Well Learning

Be Well Learning is a training and consultancy company that delivers programmes about disability and mental health awareness, founded by licensed mental health first aid instructors Holly Clark and Nikki Parry who both have lived experience of suicide. Their training includes a variety of subjects that equip people with the skills they need to support their own well-being and the well-being of others. Courses range from awareness raising to skill development. They work towards making a positive difference and helping others to feel safe and confident to speak out and reach out for support and help with mental ill health. They also raise awareness and equip people with skills to know how to approach someone in crisis, how to have those difficult conversations and what to do if someone is thinking about suicide.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Be Well Learning regularly hold training courses and public events around suicide prevention.

We have strong links with academic leaders in the field and collaborate with them to bring the most up to date developments surrounding suicide prevention.

We hold regular free workshops for professionals and the public to attend, to share the developments and provide a workshops giving skills in how to spot the early warning signs of suicidal ideation, how to ask about suicide and where to appropriately signpost.

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What are your current priorities?

Our current priority is to ensure as many people as possible have access to our training. Ensuring that there are enough people who are able to spot those early signs and have the confidence to ask and the knowledge to know what to do if someone is suicidal.

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