Fighting Chance Foundation NGO CIC

Through our specialist programmes and expert network, we enable structured martial arts training and engagement sessions to break the cycle of abuse and poverty, tackle knife crime and intervene in a wide range of social crisis-points – such as disability discrimination, violence against women and girls and male suicide. The Fighting Chance Foundation runs unique, exclusive programmes aimed at using martial arts to engage and transform key areas of society in desperate need of support.

We know that martial arts has the ability to have a positive impact within a diverse range of communities. Lessons are an extremely inexpensive way to deliver long-lasting change compared with many other forms of intervention. Martial arts has a way of ‘cutting through the noise’ and reaching those otherwise left out by wider society.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

The Fighting Chance Foundation is launching a new programme, ‘mantra’, which will provide a safe and supportive space, essentially a talking ‘hub’, for men and boys to come and offload problems and share experiences. We feel strongly that this must include boys from the age of 16 yrs in order to include sixth form students who may be struggling. This will initially be a Petworth based hub, run as a pilot scheme and available, free of charge, to all men and boys in the Midhurst, Petworth and the surrounding areas but we with an aim to run this out nationally with 24/7 text support.

We are developing an online Mental Health Awareness First Aid Course to train our volunteers but will also stress the importance of referring to suicide organisations if necessary.

What are your current priorities?

Our priorities are to run the pilot hub in Petworth, evolve the programme and launch mantra nationwide by the end of 2022 using the BMABA Instructor and student platform.

What challenges are you currently facing?

Funding is currently our main challenge