First Intuition Reading

First Intuition Reading is a training company that trains and supports the professional and personal development of students in the areas of accountancy, business, leadership and management.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

The wellbeing of our staff and students is of absolutely paramount importance to us. Safeguarding is a major feature in every member of personnel’s training and we prioritize early intervention wherever possible to protect our classes and one another. The serious downturn in mental health across the UK, particularly in young people fending in a strange and uncertain job market, has only strengthened our resolve to tackle issues head-on.

What are your current priorities?

We are expanding the active safeguarding officers at our company and ensuring directness and clarity when it comes to signposting areas of front-line mental health support. It is essential that people understand the support and resources that are available to them. We are also constantly involving our staff in up-to-date training, from mental health first aid to groups of concern such as the growing Incel movement. Ultimately, we create the most positive and supportive environment possible and are always working towards – never away from – our student’s best interests.

What challenges are you currently facing?

The advent of remote learning from Covid had the potential to erect a barrier between ourselves and our students. There is no denying that the distance between us has grown but we have worked hard to create a system that keeps our students in the loop and makes sure that we know what we need to in order to make informed decisions regarding early intervention and support.