Forward For Life

Forward For Life works alongside communities and the Health and Social Care to reduce inequalities and improve life quality.

We operate with the core belief that although there are many challenges that exist across and within our communities, solutions to these challenges are also to be found across and within our communities.

We work towards realising opportunities in which inequalities are reduced and opportunities for enhanced well-being and improved quality of life is an achievable expectation across all our communities.

Through the varied programmes including Suicide Prevention Training and support, Third Sector Capacity Building, Peer Support Programme Development, Targeted Interventions and Primary Care Development, Forward For Life looks to ensure that stakeholders across the board are effectively engaged at all levels to realise improved quality of life and well-being for our diverse communities.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Forward For Life is highly innovative in respect of suicide prevention and the wider health and wellbeing agenda in recognising that an upstream approach must become adopted to support citizens from realised the best quality of life possible.

We provide both licensed and standardised suicide prevention training as well as a wider menu of tailored training opportunities in the areas of well-being and suicide prevention. In addition, we are strong advocates of social media and online engagement in respect of reducing the stigma of suicide which in effect is a direct catalyst for suicide.

We are currently involved in:

Training provision across communities, the development of campaigns (online and local), the conceptualisation and delivery of innovative programmes both targeted and community wide, supporting local authorities and the NHS in the strategic development of local strategies and action plans representation on a number of strategic boards in the Birmingham area and wider.

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What are your current priorities?

Delivering both licensed and tailored suicide prevention training across England and wider. We offer the 2 day licensed suicide prevention training (ASIST), the half day licensed gatekeeper suicide prevention training (safeTALK) and the one day SCHEMA suicide prevention course.

Mental health awareness training tailored to the need of the groups engaging.

Peer Support Programme:
Further roll out of the ManMade Programmes across Birmingham and wider supporting men to understand and support their own needs.

Virtual Communities:
Continued support and development of The Waiting Room online support service delivered in Birmingham and Solihull. Go to

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What challenges are you currently facing?

Forward For Life recognises that to have a real positive impact on the number of suicides across communities, we have to be much smarter in our approach. This means that suicide prevention needs to be viewed through a much wider lens than is currently often recognised. It is not an issue to be addressed solely through the health and social care sector but through harnessing the assets of individuals and communities that is a catalyst for a wider grassroots response.

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