Hello Lamp Post

Hello Lamp Post’s vision is simple: make places better for people.

Today, people expect responsive, user led services, but engagement can be costly and time consuming. Hello Lamp Post is helping to overcome these challenges by offering a two-way communication platform that has the ability to reach every member of a community – even the hardest-to-reach groups. Using QR codes and strategically placed signage around public spaces, Hello Lamp Post is better connecting people, places and information. Finding new ways to provide mental health and wellbeing care is one of the key ways organisations can better support their communities.

Hello Lamp Post is the first company to build an engagement platform for any public space. By making everywhere interactive, Hello Lamp Post can turn any public space into a new communication channel to get people talking – helping to support any community and organisation across the globe.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Hello Lamp Post is currently collaborating with North Lanarkshire Council, to support their ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign to deliver mental wellbeing checks, available to the community 24/7/365.

Working alongside clinicians, we have developed a two-way conversation that members of the public can interact with using their mobile phones. During these conversations we are able to assess their mental state and provide automated, personalised responses and support. This can range from directing people to wellness experiences and activities in the local area to providing emergency contact numbers like NHS, Mind and Samaritans.

Our work is aimed to be preventative. Our signage is placed in high risk locations. Since launching, the area has seen a 33% decrease in the number of suicides in the space of a year and people have been signposted to potentially life saving information.

What are your current priorities?

Hello Lamp Post’s vision is to ‘make places better for people’. What this means in a mental health and wellbeing context is that we want to provide organisations with the tools they need to ensure their communities feel supported.

We prioritise inclusivity in everything we do, ensuring that anyone, anywhere, anytime is able to interact via their mobile phone, in their chosen language. This provides 98% of the population with equal access to help and assistance.

Benefits we provide to organisations that are looking to engage with their community:

– Save staff time and reduce operational costs on engagement efforts
– Inclusivity – greater reach, ensuring regulatory compliance
– Improve service delivery and community satisfaction
– Increase audience/ community insights
– Live 24/7 engagement, everywhere

What challenges are you currently facing?

Every authority, city and organisation has a duty of care for the people they serve. We’ve seen firsthand the invaluable impact our tech is offering to help reduce barriers to accessing mental health support. When people have the means to maintain good mental health, our societies will live longer, healthier lives, which has a significant positive impact on health and social care services and staff.

We want to ensure we’re having conversations with more organisations and speaking to the right people, to see how we can support them and their communities.