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We’re a housing association, social enterprise and charity with a turnover of over £406m and one of the UK’s largest providers of high quality housing and integrated housing, health and social care. We’ve been providing high quality housing and integrated housing health and social care for over 80 years, and 115,000 people live in our 55,000 homes across England and Scotland. Over the last year, we’ve worked with 13,000 vulnerable people in our supported housing and health services, and we’re proud to say we’re 7th in the UK’s Best Workplaces 2021 in the Great Place to Work survey.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Holistic approach to health and wellbeing

Proactive, prompt, and consistent approach to work-related problems, helping employees feel safe, protected, and able to do their best work.

Clear no-tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, or intimidation, and policy is communicated and enforced at all levels.

Being flexible is part of the culture of the mentally healthy workplace

Promoting mental health and having Mental Health First Aiders and a supportive and compassionate absence management processes.

Leading Occupational Health and EAP partners

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What are your current priorities?

Organising refresher training for mental health first aiders, setting up network group and reporting on usage

Signing up for mental health at work pledge

Promoting stress awareness and mental health awareness months

Creating workplace groups for mental awareness and discussions

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What challenges are you currently facing?

Pandemic and isolation increasing stress and anxiety cases which could lead to suicide.

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