Joined Up Care Derbyshire – Wellbeing (JUCD Wellbeing)

The JUCD Wellbeing Service, a sub-brand of Joined up Care Derbyshire, provides a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing services to support all health and social care colleagues across Derbyshire, Derby City and North Staffordshire.

A collaborative network of organisations working to establish an equitable range of services for all colleagues in the health and social care system, the team comprises of service leads, key stakeholders and senior representatives from across the constituent organisations, including acute and community NHS Trust, local authority, city council, primary care, community and voluntary sector and a host of partner services, demonstrating the opportunity within a systems based model to work in partnership and continually improve the health, safety and wellbeing offer. The support services provided are available to all staff in the system, helping them to remain healthy, safe and well at work.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

A number of interventions which include a Suicide Prevention group and written policies. We also have a cohort of trained Mental Health First Aiders, a cohort of trained Trauma Risk Management Practitioners, in-house occupational health support, counselling and co-ordinated communication between employee/manager to effect reasonable adjustments. As a system we work collectively across Derbyshire to raise awareness, implement initiatives and provide a raft of peer psychological support services.

What are your current priorities?

Making the overall health and wellbeing of our colleagues a strategic priority for all of the collective organisations across our health and social care system. The Wellbeing team, supported by Health Improvement Advisors and nominated leads promote and deliver a range of physical and mental health activities to staff across Joined up Care Derbyshire, in support of their holistic wellbeing. 

What challenges are you currently facing?

Sustainability of the wellbeing service solutions, against the backdrop of a stretched Health and Social Care system. We have a designated team working to keep colleagues healthy, safe and well, with a range of services, activities and programmes recognising that we need our teams to first look after their own wellbeing.