Mates in Mind

Mates in Mind is a leading UK charity raising awareness of and addressing the stigma of poor mental health whilst promoting positive mental well-being across workplaces. We help to make sense of available options and support employers to address mental health within their workplace.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

We are working to reach organisations throughout the UK, providing clear information to employers on available support and guidance on mental health, mental illness and mental well-being, and how they can address these issues within their organisations. We are working hard to break the stigma surrounding mental ill-health and very much taking a preventative approach to how workplaces can support their employees.

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What are your current priorities?

– Raising awareness and understanding of mental health and mental ill-health.

– Helping people to understand how, when and where to get support.

– Breaking the silence and stigma through promoting cultures of positive well-being throughout the industry.

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What challenges are you currently facing?

The stigma of speaking openly and honestly about mental ill-health, especially in the workplace, is a hurdle we face.

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