Mental Strength and Wellbeing – C&D Learning Solutions Ltd

C&D Learning Solutions Ltd Mental Strength and Wellbeing helps individuals and organisations to understand more about how Mental Health First Aid and suicide prevention training can be an asset in supporting a person who is in mental health distress or crisis, or having suicidal thoughts.

We offer training to upskill leaders and individuals in the accredited courses in Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA England) and the assured and accredited courses in Suicide First Aid (NCSPET and City and Guilds).

Our aim is to train one in ten people about mental health and to help remove the stigma and discrimination around suicide.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Suicide is a preventable death and it is important to make more people aware of the signs and how we can support and get the professional help needed to keep someone alive.

Our organisation is trained and equipped to deliver training in suicide prevention. We offer two specific courses on suicide prevention:
1. Suicide First Aid Lite version
2. Suicide First Aid – understanding suicide intervention

We are also able to offer the range of Adult Mental Health First Aid courses from MHFA England, which look at some of the most common Mental Health Conditions and how these can be linked into suicidal thoughts, what to look for and how to have a conversation with the person in crisis.

All courses offer a good overview of the impact of suicide, how to have a conversation with an individual who may be experiencing Mental Health issues or suicidal thoughts and a look at the warning signs. Both offer case studies, activities and discussions.
When delivering training we only use trainers/instructors who have been accredited through MHFA England and NCSPT/City and Guilds.

What are your current priorities?

To help more people understand what suicidal behaviour looks like and how we can all support an individual having suicidal thoughts.
The North East of the UK has been named as the suicide hotspot of the UK and, with the right training, more people can help keep people alive and understand that people with suicidal thoughts can be supported to stop their pain.
C&D Learning Solutions can help prevent deaths by training more individuals and organisations.

What challenges are you currently facing?

Removing the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health and suicide.

Most people do not believe that you can spot the signs of mental health and suicide. When they have attended the courses they go away understanding more and recognising that you can see the warning signs and be part of the solution in preventing a death by suicide and supporting those in mental health and suicidal crisis.