Mind Over Mountains

We are a mental health charity offering immediate and accessible support through therapeutic outdoor experiences.

Our events run throughout the UK, with bursaries available to those with the most challenging lives. Ranging from one day hill-walks to weekend retreats, our programmes bring together professionally guided hill-walking, mindfulness and time in the company of experienced coaches and counsellors.

In this growing mental health crisis, timely professional support is at a premium, often with financial barriers to entry. We believe this time in nature, coupled with professional support is a powerful way to build resilience, talk without pressure and re-find stillness.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

We hope that by bringing together hill-walking and mindfulness in nature, alongside time with experienced coaches and counsellors in an unpressured, unhurried setting, our services can act as a therapeutic prevention against crisis or offer a space for those who have suffered loss.

What are your current priorities?

To extend our events throughout the UK and increase awareness of the bursaries we have available to those with the most challenging lives. We strongly believe there is a lack of immediate access to professional support, and to gain speed of access comes at a cost meaning financial barriers to entry. We are here to bridge that gap. In addition, we are focused on extending and diversifying our funding streams by putting more time to grant applications, developing our regular givers and increasing our private events offer. 

What challenges are you currently facing?

We are currently struggling to reach those we most wish to serve, this is due to lack of both financial and human resources. Our growth to date – which has been astounding, building to 50+ of events in just 3 years, is stifled. We would love to increase our networks – as we believe collaboration with other mental health providers is key to our growth and knowledge to help expediate our learning curve as a new charity and small team.