MTR Elizabeth Line

MTR Elizabeth line is the chosen operator to run Crossrail. We seek to provide operational excellence and the highest possible level of customer service for London. MTR Elizabeth line will deliver train and passenger services including:

Excellence in customer service through 40 Elizabeth line stations.

Providing approximately 700 timetabled services per day.

A peak timetable frequency of 24 trains per hour.

An estimated 200 million annual passengers will use the Elizabeth line. Totaling an estimated 11.4 million train service km per year.

MTR Elizabeth line expects to employ up to 850 new people, creating jobs for local people. This will include almost 400 drivers and over 50 apprenticeships. Our aspiration is that MTR Elizabeth line will set the benchmark for passenger experience on European metro services and achieve internationally recognised high standards of safety, reliability, quality and customer service.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

MTR Elizabeth line, operating as TfL Rail prior to the commencement of full Crossrail services, are a significant partner of the wider UK Rail network. The difference we aim to make is broad – reducing the number of suicides on our railway, increasing the number of interventions by staff (including contractors), and by continually increasing the awareness and training of our staff. We aspire to our stations being safe havens with staff willing and able to manage contact with those in distress and signpost them to the relevant support function. We aspire to our staff being capable guardians  for those in distress by providing an element of ‘positive obstruction’. We aspire to support all staff involved in both suicide and suicide interventions through dynamic post-incident support and through trauma support training, We aspire to reduce the impact of suicide by providing support to family and friends working closely with policing agencies. We will work together with industry partners, the police, support groups and Public Health England.

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What are your current priorities?

Training and Awareness

To continue in a programme of training and awareness of staff and managers with Managing Suicidal Contacts and Trauma Support key to this.

Preventative measures

To work with partners in identifying existing and new risks in respect of the railway infrastructure and manage solutions that are timely and effective.

Station staffing

To maintain staffing of stations during all operational hours and continue to motivate those staff, daily if required, to remain alert to the risk and empower them to find workable solutions in the workplace.


To work with industry partners and policing agencies on data sharing.

Signage and Messaging

To remain alert to the need for good signage and effective messaging, adopting quickly any recommendations made by partners.

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What challenges are you currently facing?

There are numerous challenges to our organisation in delivering these outcomes. These include the relatively open nature of the rail network, the maintenance of fence-lines along the line of route, and ensuring staff remain supported, remain alert and aware to the risks, and remain confident in engaging with those people in distress.

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