PostScript360 Limited

PostScript360 supports people who have a mental health condition and a dependency on prescription drugs. We offer a wrap-around service of one-to-one therapy, group therapy and a telephone support service. We share our knowledge with health professionals, and promote prevention awareness through community centres, GP Practices, universities and hospitals. We provide an advocacy service liaising on behalf of our clients to their GPs and other health care services. We encourage people, once dependence free, to continue in their personal growth, to support each other through a peer-to-peer support group called the 360 Clubs, where people have fun and participate in activities.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

All staff have been trained in suicide prevention, suicide first aid, and we support people who have a mental health condition and have a dependence to prescription drugs.

What are your current priorities?

Supporting people who have a prescription drug dependence to taper off them safely.

What challenges are you currently facing?

More people are self diagnosing and self medicating on prescription drugs brought on the dark web, lockdown has been extremely challenging on their mental health, not realising that they are developing a crippling dependence.