Sean’s Place CIC

Sean’s Place is a mental health and wellbeing organisation for men in Merseyside which operates to prevent suicide and poor mental health through workshops and interventions designed to improve confidence and self-esteem whilst reducing social isolation.

Sean’s Place also supports families through training and workshops that enable them to understand their loved one’s mental health also educating them about support available in the community.

Created through lived experience of losing a loved one to suicide, Sean’s Place also contributes to research and training to support the reduction of suicide in males.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

We provide early intervention support to reduce the level of male suicide in the community including workshops that provide opportunities to share lived experiences, learn techniques and tools to manage their mental health and connect with others to reduce isolation. We also provide confidence building sessions such as Art/ Cookery/Music lessons/ Woodwork and fishing additionally we deliver one to one therapies for those who require this.

We open evenings to ensure we can reduce the large number of suicides in males who work and can’t attend face to face support during working hours. 

We provide support to families to share training and knowledge which will enable them to support their loved ones at home and access further support in the community if and when required.

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What are your current priorities?

• To develop and expand the services we provide through collaborations with other organisations which will create a holistic support network for men in the community.

• To build our capacity through acquiring sole use of a venue to allow more males to access the support they need.

• To contribute towards reducing suicides in Sefton through critical thinking and feedback to the local authority Suicide Prevention Board.

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What challenges are you currently facing?

Not having sole use of a venue is restricting the services we can provide and deliver.

Social distancing is limiting the number of people who can access our support each time placing strain on the number of referrals we can accept.

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