The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group is a Health and Wellbeing Charity working to promote and support positive health and wellbeing.

We are committed to making sure that the services and facilities we provide are of the highest possible quality and that they continue to develop to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

At The Kaleidoscope Plus Group we provide a wide range of services working with people to improve mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Our services include (but are not exclusive to) Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), Floating Support, Supported Housing, Independent Living, Care Services, Children’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing Services, Suicide Bereavement Support, Community Wellbeing and a comprehensive range of Training.

We have a clear focus on:

• Reducing stigma – it’s ok to not be ok.

• Providing platforms for people to engage with others and talk.

• Actively raising awareness of mental health and suicide related campaigns.

• Directly providing high quality services to people who are at risk of suicide.

• Directly providing high quality services to those who have been bereaved by or affected by suicide.

• Working in partnership with others to collaboratively reduce suicide and improve support for those bereaved by suicide.

• Increasing knowledge by providing training and support to others.

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What are your current priorities?

We want to increase availability of services to those affected by suicide.

We will continue to offer services to people who have been affected by suicide and we will continue to explore opportunities to widen our offer of support. We will provide more preventative services for people at risk of suicide. This includes the continuation of existing preventative service (see our website) and the expansion of these based on identified need.

We will continue to engage with funders and policy makers to ensure that the voices of those affected by suicide are heard and that this makes strides towards reducing suicide and improving support for those bereaved or affected by suicide.

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What challenges are you currently facing?

As a third sector provider we are used to working in challenging operating environments and funding continues to be a primary challenge in enabling us to cover the level of demand for our services.

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