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Vital Human Resources Ltd. is a dedicated recruitment business focusing on high calibre engineering people and projects. With multiple operating divisions, including Rail, Civils & Construction, Trades and Security, we work on the UK’s largest and most complex projects.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Vital Human Resources are a current provider of Suicide Prevention staff to the UK Rail Industry. Working alongside key partners, Network Rail, British Transport Police and the Samaritans, our teams are trained operatives that undertake hi-visibility patrols across a number of Network Rail’s routes. Their responsibilities include visiting rail locations to identify any vulnerable people. Our involvement began in 2017, and Vital were selected to be the organisation that undertook the first trial of Suicide Prevention teams by Network Rail. The initiative has proved a resounding success with the initial trial being expanded to a permanent position.

Working with Network Rail, the British Transport Police and the Samaritans, Vital have organised a number of public/community engagement days to educate the public on the impact of suicide and potential small actions we can undertake that may have a great impact that may prevent a suicide. This is highlighted in the Samaritans ‘Small Talk Saves Lives’ campaign which we are avid supporters of, and is a message we brief out on a daily basis by our Suicide Prevention teams.

Vital currently have circa 80 Suicide Prevention Patrollers out each day trying to work and improve the situation that affects the UK railways.

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What are your current priorities?

Vital Human Resources Ltd’s current priorities are to provide a greater understanding to the Rail industry and to the wider society on the impact of suicide, the potential warning signs that may be exhibited and how every single person, whether they have received any training or not, can prevent a suicide or support a vulnerable person.

As a company, we are working with Mental Health First Aid England to garner deeper knowledge on issues that can lead to people taking their own life. This training is delivered to our operational staff so they can provide support to our internal staff and workforce, as well as the public if they ever come into contact away from work.

We are abundantly aware that the issues of mental health and suicide are significant in UK society as a whole. We believe that the more education and learning around the subjects, the better chance we have of improving the serious problem.

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What challenges are you currently facing?

Vital Human Resources face a number of challenges with our efforts to decrease the levels of suicide in the UK today.

We have an understanding of the reluctance of people to speak out when they are struggling with their mental health, whether this be work or external pressure, and we as an organisation have learnt the hard way that more needs to be done to provide support.

Our organisation was affected by a suicide, and since this very sad event we have trained up a number of Mental Health First Aid Ambassadors who are able to provide full, confidential support to anyone that may require it.

We need to keep working to make sure mental health is considered a normal daily topic and our people are educated enough to take a step back and understand the bigger picture – mental health is serious and we need to look after ourselves and others.

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