YANA works to improve the wellbeing of those in farming and rural business in East Anglia and Worcestershire through:
• Providing confidential support and free counselling
• Building understanding of mental health
• Investing in Mental Health First Aid training
• A national suicide prevention campaign; Seven Tractor Facts to Save a Life.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

YANA has developed a resource called Seven Tractor Facts to Save a Life. This outlines seven steps anyone can take to support someone in crisis and where they can get further help.

Knowing that people in the farming and agriculture industry wouldn’t necessarily look at something that was obviously about suicide prevention, we knew they would want to see what the tractor facts are. Both words also include the word ‘act’ encouraging everyone to take action. Our aim is to reach every county with this resource.

YANA provides free counselling sessions. This aims to help prevent the point of crisis where suicide might become a thought out option.

YANA runs Mental Health First Aid courses. Many of the suppliers and agents’ that regularly visit farms attend these, as well as farmers. This investment builds a skilled network of individuals who can break the stigma around mental health and engage in conversations. We are investing in the industry to be able to look after itself and each other.

What are your current priorities?

Ensuring we can provide services across East Anglia and reach every farm/business.
Reaching every county nationally with our Tractor Facts resource.
Developing the support we provide to people that complete the Mental Health First Aid training so they are most effectively able to use their new found skills.

What challenges are you currently facing?

Stress factors in farming and agriculture have been ongoing for many months now and are not easing. This is causing a greater need for action, to provide support, and continuing to explore new ways of reaching people that need to hear about the support available.