Highlighting the link between domestic abuse and suicide: Kent County Council

This domestic abuse and suicide resource was prepared for front line professionals by the Kent & Medway Suicide Prevention Team. The key findings, taken from Real Time Suicide Surveillance data received from Kent police Jan 2019-22. shows that 30% of suspected suicides in the borough had domestic abuse as a factor; both victims and perpetrators.

About this paper

This local research on the link between domestic abuse and suicide has encouraged other organisations to look into the link and further studies have backed up Kent’s findings. The Secretary of State highlighted this work before announcing in July 2022 that the new suicide prevention plan will contain a section on domestic abuse for the first time.

This resource outlines both statistics and qualitative feedback from people with lived experience of domestic abuse who have also felt or attempted suicide. It also includes implications for practice, risk assessment, advice on how to talk about suicide and signposts for local support and further articles.