Insights from experience: economic disadvantage, suicide and self-harm

Samaritans along with their partners in the Suicide Prevention Consortium, the NSPA, Support After Suicide Partnership (SASP) and With You, have been exploring the relationship between economic disadvantage, suicide risk and self-harm with people with lived experience. The Suicide Prevention Consortium worked with the Ideas Alliance as research partners on this project.

Together, we have created a series of recommendations that focus on creating a more human and person-centred whole system approach to reducing suicide risk and self harm among economically disadvantaged groups, that is more aware of mental health issues and the economic challenges people face. This report summarises the findings.

The Suicide Prevention Consortium is led by Samaritans and also includes the National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA), Support After Suicide Partnership (SASP) and With You. As part of the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance, it aims to bring the expertise of its member organisations and the voice of those with lived experience directly to policymakers, to improve suicide prevention in England.