World Suicide Prevention Day 2023: Reflecting on the past, to drive change for the future

Refreshing our actions for suicide prevention

World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 (WSPD) took place on Sunday, 10th September 2023. With a new national suicide prevention strategy due to publish imminently and as we approach 10 years since the NSPA was launched, we’re in a space of reflection. Looking back on how the suicide prevention landscape has changed, in order to think about where we go next and how we can continue to support the work of our members, taking action to prevent suicide.

In thinking about the work organisations and individuals have done over the past decade, we want to give hope for the future. We’ve come so far but this is no time for complacency. There is much to be done – still over 5,000 people die from suicide every year in England and this has to change.

Suicide prevention is not just about one day, so we used WSPD 2023 to start a conversation that continued through the autumn. We talked about the changes we’ve seen across a whole range of sectors, where we are now and what changes we’ll be pushing for with the implementation of the new strategy.

How can you get involved?

Read and share our WSPD blogs

To kick-start the conversation, from World Suicide Prevention Day we published two blogs, one from our Executive Lead, Rosemary Ellis, and another from our NSPA Lived Experience Influencers. Rosemary reflected on what’s changed in suicide prevention and the changes that still need to happen. Our Influencers spoke to us about things they have been proud to be a part of and their calls to action to prevent suicide.

Hear from NSPA Steering Group

We also asked our Steering Group for their views on progress that has been made and their vision for the future. We shared these on social media.

Share your reflections and the changes you’d like to see with us 

We’re also inviting everyone to tell us their views on how they think suicide prevention has progressed and the changes they want to see in the future. You can complete our brief survey here.

Get involved in our discussions – What’s needed to drive change?

Our online discussions from September through to November will be bringing together members from different sectors and professions, including those with lived experience of suicide, to talk about where we go next. With the new strategy publishing, we will be asking what’s needed to deliver on the areas for action. How can we build on what’s been done and bring about meaningful change?


  • 12 September, 10am – 11am – Local authority public health teams: those with responsibility for local suicide preventionbooking now
  • 28 September, 11m – 12pm – Voluntary, community and social enterprise sectorbooking now
  • 9 October, 11am – 12pm  – Healthcare services/ professionals: those working on the frontline in the NHS, social care, privately or any service setting. Booking available soon
  • 19 October, 1pm – 2pm – Research: those working in academia or other settings, involved in suicide prevention research. Booking available soon
  • 9 November, 1.30pm – 2.30pm – Open session: for anyone committed to playing their part in reducing suicides. Booking available soon

If you’re interested in signing up for our September events please click on the link above, booking for later events will be available soon.