Leicestershire partnership trust

Leicestershire partnership trust provide care and support through three directorates which focus on:

Mental Health Services
Our services work to deliver high quality care for adults with acute and enduring mental health conditions, across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Services range from acute inpatient care, acute assessment and home treatment, day care, psychological therapies, community-based mental health care and assertive outreach, and day care. We are also a teaching trust, which means we conduct research and provide training and education for medical, psychology, nursing and therapy students.

Families, Young People, Children’s, Learning Disability and Autism Services
We provide universal and specialist support including child and adolescent mental health services.

Community Health Services
Community health services includes adult nursing and therapy services. We deliver services in inpatient wards, in clinics, and in patients’ own homes.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Through promoting and increasing awarenes

-Through ensuing we have a robust and comprehensive rias assessment process

We are in the process of developing our suicide prevention strategy for LPT which will pull together our plans for the next 12 months which will include :
-Appointing a suicide prevention lead
-Benchmarking and self assessment – NCISH
-Suicide prevention training for front line staff and the provision of this
-Engagement and feedback from other key services ZSA and NSPA for example

What are your current priorities?

Benchmarking services in alignment with NCISH standards, measuring our services against the 2023 national suicide prevention strategy.

-Completing TNA for staff across all directorates
-Locating and agreeing a suicide prevention training lead
-Ensuring our mandatory and optional / role specific training is suitable and up to date
-Development and engagement in our trust wide suicide prevention meeting, to increase awareness and roll out improvements.
-Development of our suicide prevention plan for LPT

What challenges are you currently facing?

Workforce issues- engagement with drivers

Agreeing and rolling out training
change in practices and culture