MyBubble Ltd

MyBubble Ltd is a technology company that provides a mobile application for Android and iPhone smartphone users. The MyBubble mobile application launched internationally in December 2021 and has had positive feedback from people struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. The organisation is centred on helping families and friendship groups to recognise when someone they care about is struggling and knowing when they need support. MyBubble also makes it easier for people to ask for help or support from loved ones at the times when it’s hardest to ask. In the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, MyBubble is now free for people to use to create a private ‘Bubble’ network of up to three people and all features within the App are free as well to make it more accessible.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

MyBubble was inspired by a sibling’s attempt on their life. MyBubble provides a platform for families and friends to build their own private ‘Bubble’ networks. Within these networks, all people can privately journal and softly communicate how they’re feeling with loved ones via push notifications. In regard to suicide prevention in particular, the application has MyBubble care plans which outline each person’s triggers, indicators and signs so that those around them can recognise that they are struggling and need support. Each plan also outlines how best to support one another in different mood states to help families and friends come together to prevent suicide and people struggling by themselves. Lastly, MyBubble lists a number of UK-based charities that provide suicide prevention and mental health telephone lines for users to turn to for advice, guidance or support.

What are your current priorities?

The biggest priority is to grow the user base further whilst offering a platform that is accessible to all. Self-care is hugely important however, collective support and families/friends being able to spot the signs and know how to support each other is of equal importance too. As MyBubble encourages collective support but only amongst trusted family members or friends, it is unique in the mobile technology space in providing a digital, safe space for loved ones to look after one another’s mental health.

The second priority is to establish a partnership with a UK-based mental health charity in order to donate 5% of profits to support their services to help people outside of the application.

What challenges are you currently facing?

The main challenge is personnel resources. Currently, MyBubble is run solely by the Director. Whilst it has been awarded a place on both the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme and the Amazon AWS Founders programme, MyBubble will require additional people to help with marketing, social media channels, community engagements, conferences, etc. as the user base grows.

MyBubble has experienced very positive reception and consumer growth since trading, however in order to help prevent as many suicides as possible MyBubble needs to promote the message further about collective mental health day-to-day support, looking out for one another and also about its provision of a free resource to help with that.