Violet Project

Our organisation offers support around Self-harm and Suicide. We prevent suicide through awareness raising events, support groups, along with various mental health and suicide prevention training.

We offer direct support groups from well-being sessions, along with support groups for those that have been affected by suicide. We also aim to provide more preventative ‘upstream’ support though the region with self-harm support groups, well-being sessions and events, working with schools, justice system settings and workplaces.

We currently host suicide bereavement groups both at national and regional levels. New groups will be listed at We will be working to embed local support primarily within the Midlands, advocating for change.

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

We have embedded Suicide bereavement within the region, and are now continuing towards supporting our community with suicide prevention. We offer groups supporting high priority groups and work within the community supporting other charities with their clients, for example DV, Workforce, students, homelessness, Ex-offenders, Drugs & Alcohol support. We also work with our local NHS.

We provide both accredited and bespoke suicide prevention training as well as a wider menu of tailored training opportunities in the areas of well-being and mental health. Our package ranges from a free 30 min awareness session to Livingworks licensed ASIST course, along with bespoke well-being sessions and all MHFA courses. 

We attend and host prevention events and run community groups to tackle factors such as – self-harm, isolation, depression, males only groups and well-being support.

What are your current priorities?

Training: Embedding training into the community, encouraging open conversations and reducing the stigma around talking about mental health. Raising the profile of our training offers and making them accessible to all.

Strategic partnership work: Continue our partnership relationships are maintained with organisations, groups and government bodies whose influence/policies/research advance the reduction of self-harm and suicide by identifying the needs of the local community, vulnerable individuals and highlighting the need for appropriate and accessible services.

Community support: We host a variety of groups some are regular sessions and some are ad hoc or set programme.  We want to ensure there is a good mix of support from mental health prevention, well-being coping strategy groups, through to Suicide bereavement loss.

What challenges are you currently facing?

We are learning to navigate funding as our first step, as we need investment to expand the support we offer.

We need to encourage and get people to trust us and open up.

Community support is vital.