Moving towards individualised risk management: A resource by Storm Skills Training CIC

Storm Skills Training CIC have launched a new resource to support professionals to meet the NICE clinical guidance on the assessment and management of self-harm.

Despite our best efforts and intentions evidence has consistently revealed the inherent limitations of trying to predict suicide, either with or without tools. Put simply, we can’t predict who will end their life or repeat self-harm.  The not-so-good news for stratified risk levels, scales and tools is positive news for person-centred holistic assessment and management for self-harm and suicide prevention.      

NICE guidance (NG225) on the assessment and management of self-harm was updated in 2022. This change in guidance marks a significant shift in the approach to risk assessment and management, and recommends against the use of risk assessment tools, scales, and risk stratification levels (such as “low”, “medium”, or “high” risk) for:   predicting suicide or self-harm repetition, and  making decisions about treatment or discharge. 

This aligns with the Suicide Prevention Strategy for England 2023-28. All services have been urged to adopt an individualised approach to risk assessment and management.  There’s a lot of information and evidence out there but sifting through it takes time and not all of it is accessible or practically oriented. Storm Skills Training has done the work for you with the resource

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