Webinar: Reaching and supporting men during Covid-19

On 15th September NSPA hosted a webinar exploring the issues facing men during Covid-19, and how organisations are reaching out to and supporting them. It featured presentations from Joe Potter, Policy Manager at Samaritans and Ellen O’Donoghue, CEO of James’ Place, as well as time for questions from participants.

1. Full webinar (58.31 minutes)

2. Joe Potter, Samaritans (17.36 minutes)

3. Ellen O’Donoghue, James’ Place (17.07 minutes)

4. Presentation

Watch the full webinar here:

(58.31 minutes)

Watch Joe Potter, Samaritans, here:

(17.36 minutes)

Watch Ellen O’Donoghue here:

(17.07 minutes)