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World Suicide Prevention Day Hub – 10th September

World Suicide Prevention Day Hub

World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 (WSPD) took place on Sunday, 10th September. With a new national suicide prevention strategy due to publish and as we approach 10 years since the NSPA was launched, we’re in space of reflection. From World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 we’re looking at how suicide prevention landscape has progressed and the alliance has changed, in order to think about where we go next and how we can continue to support the work of our members, taking action to prevent suicide.

In thinking about the work organisations and individuals have done over the past decade, we want to give hope for the future. We’ve come so far but this is no time for complacency. There is much to be done – still over 5,000 people die from suicide every year in England and this has to change.

Suicide prevention is not just about one day, so we used WSPD to start a conversation that will continue through the autumn. We’ll be talking about the changes we’ve seen across a whole range of sectors, where we are now and what changes we’ll be pushing for with the implementation of the new strategy.

Find out more on our World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 page.

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